Tray in blue, red, green or orange with star bubble ring blue, heart bubble ring red and circle bubble ring green with 70 ml PUSTEFIX Large tube

Tamponprint 1-color or 2-colors


Promotional print:
1-color or 2-colors according pantone scale

Printing area:
55 mm diameter

Minimum quantity:
from 100 pieces

Technical specifications tamponprint

869-550+869-555_tray_unprinted-blue 869-550+869-555_tray_unprinted-red 869-550+869-555_tray_unprinted-green 869-550+869-555_tray_unprinted-orange

Your individual assortment of colors of the trays and/or shape of the bubble rings

869-550_mm-star 869-550_mm-heart 869-550_mm-circle

869-310_gp_tampon2c 869-310_gp_all-around_1 869-310_gp_label_1
Imprint or labeling of the tubes of the PUSTEFIX Large tube

Individual blisterpack

Delivery within maximum of 25 working days

Blisterpack with neutral blistercard „bubbles“
Shipping unit with 20 blister Mini-Mix