White tube with 42 ml PUSTEFIX liquid


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Minimum quantity:
from 50 pieces

869-210_kp_cap-red 869-210_kp_cap-yellow 869-210_kp_cap-green

Standard assortment of colors of the caps red, yellow and green mixed

869-210_kp_cap-red 869-210_kp_cap-yellow 869-210_kp_cap-green

Your individual assortment of colors of the caps red, yellow or green

869-210_kp_cap-lightblue 869-210_kp_cap-darkblue 869-210_kp_cap-white 869-210_kp_cap-orange

Your selection of special colors of the caps. Available colors: lightblue, darkblue, white, orange, magenta

Delivery within 5-10 working days

Packed in neutral white displays with 25 pieces each
Shipping unit 6 displays with total of 150 Small tubes